Hire DJ Gareth for London wedding!

DJ Gareth

Coming from North London DJ Gareth(Club name DJ Middleman/Middles) has made his mark on the underground club scene, with a number of popular radio shows throughout the last 10 years.

DJ Gareth has had 9 successful underground mixed cd selling over 26,000 across Europe, Japan & U.S.A since 2005.Also the ability to mix anything with everything-which is his trademark has help rocket this young star to fame in the under ground scene. Gareth has also got 1 years experience doing stand up comedy so has a good understanding on how to host and conduct events. Rocking dance floors across the globe in the worlds finest bars and clubs,Weddings, with a number of residencies in London, We would all have to say DJ Middleman is The Cream Of The Crop!
Dj Middle specialises in House music and Rnb, Hip Hop but dont be fooled he can seamlessly mix most genres and his trademark mixes being 80s classics wit house and so on. Gareth is Also the founder of Disco DJ Hire.

Hire DJ Zak in London!

DJ Zak

DJ ZAK is a well established DJ and has been especially picked to cater for our high standard requirements. With Radio& Club experience going back 10 years with a 3 year resident spot at one of London’s top function halls,you can trust that your evening will will fun and free of worry!!

Hire Lisa moore for wedding!

Singer- Lisa Moore

Lisa Joined us in 2009. Having complemented the DJ with backing vocals at London’s trendy Gilgamesh and sang her very own material main stage at Santa pod Raceway 2010,Lisa has had very good feedback at all of our events providing chilled out background music with DJ & conga player to upbeat Funky and soulful sounds Main stage! Lisa’s History goes well back into Indie,Funk, Soul,Chill out ,UK Garage


Conga Alex

Conga Alex is a definite Extra to get when booking a DJ!Ever been to a club with a DJ & conga player duo? Wow!Alex has been with us since 2010 and has played for FREE for the first 6 months ,just to prove how effective he can be,and wow,what feedback!Playing the drums since the age of 10 years old,Alex is also in a 5 piece Indie Band Playing all types of precaution.

We can also offer DJ-CONGA&SINGER trio +Guitarists, Saxophone , Violinist and many more musicians at our fingertips!